Belmont Forum Addresses Disaster Risk, Response, and Resilience (DR3) in its Newest Funding Call

Belmont Forum Addresses Disaster Risk, Response and Resilience (DR3) in its Newest Funding Call

Recognizing the increasing need for risk prevention and mitigation of potential natural disasters, and rapid, effective responses during and after extreme environmental events, the Belmont Forum will launch a call for proposals, DR3, in early 2019.

The call draws on the lessons learned and continued efforts of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction, the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk Program, and other regional and global disaster risk reduction programs.

Disasters can have many origins – both natural and man-made —  and may span a brief moment or slowly escalate over time.  Their visual impact may be striking or more invisible and invasive.  Their path of destruction may cross many national boundaries or be focused within a small radius.  Affected areas may regenerate, adapt, or have lingering effects that last lifetimes.  What unites all disasters is the complex, dynamic social-environmental impact of the event, and the need for collaborative action.

The call makes available funds to support international teams of natural scientists, social scientists, stakeholders, and other experts from engineering, technological and information sciences, including IT, broadcast and digital communications.  These integrated teams will co-develop approaches that would reduce Disaster Risk while enhancing our Disaster Response and Resilience capacity.

Stakeholders may represent a breadth of knowledge systems, including but not limited to governance organizations, response providers and managers, mitigation planners, and policymakers representing local-to-global level action, from various sectors, and including civil society.

We encourage interested teams to connect with Belmont Forum for updates on the launch of the DR3 call in the first quarter of 2019.