A Visionary is Lost Too Soon

In Memoriam: Dr. M. Lee Allison 1948-2016 - Source: [Author Unknown]. [Title Unknown]. Digital Image. Erica Key LinkedIn Page, 2016

I typically write LinkedIn posts to share the cross-cutting scientific advances, new policies and partnerships, and inclusive opportunities that the Belmont Forum, its members, partners, and awardees have engaged in.  Many of those leaps and bounds, particularly those in data science and information access, were the innovations of the e-Infrastructure Secretariat and community, co-led by Dr. M. Lee Allison.

It is with great sadness and loss that we mark the passing last night of our friend and colleague, Dr. Allison.  His contributions to the Forum include a lasting legacy of open data that we will carry forward, breaking down barriers and building partnerships with a smile and kind words, just like Lee.

A page has been made in his honor.  While there will be no memorial, we will commemorate his work and his life through our dedication to his vision.  He was a beacon, and we will miss his light.

Note: This post originally appeared on appeared on Belmont Forum Secretariat Executive Director Erica Key’s Linkedin blog.