Title: Webinar: Open Data In Global Environmental Research

Download: Helmholtz_Webinar_34_bschmidt_Belmont_Forum_ODS_20160404.pdf


File: Helmholtz_Webinar_34_bschmidt_Belmont_Forum_ODS_20160404.pdf This presentation summarizes the findings from the Open Data in Global Environmental Research survey conducted by Work Package 5 (Open Data) in the scoping phase of the e-I&DM project. The survey highlights users’ perceptions of the term “open data,” expectations of infrastructure functionalities, and barriers and enablers for the sharing of data. The information in this presentation helped drive Implementation Phase activities aimed at acculturating the research community to data sharing practices. Author(s): Birgit Schmidt Version: 1.0 Finalized Date: 2016-04-11 Type: Presentation Keywords: webinar Work Package 5 PLOS Open data Development Documents Scoping Phase