Project Profile: SVALUR

Understanding Resilience and Long-Term Ecosystem Change in the High Arctic: Narrative-Based Analyses from Svalbard


Principal Investigators: Rene Van der Wal, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
Partners: Vera Hausner, Arctic University of Tromsø, Norway
Rasmus Kløcker Larsen, Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden
Martinus Johannes Joachim Ewald Loonen, University of Groningen, Arctic Centre, Netherlands
Astrid Ogilvie, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, USA
Virve Ravolainen, Arctic University of Tromsø, Norway
Sponsors: Research Council of Norway, Norway
Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning, Sweden
Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, Netherlands
National Science Foundation, United States


Full Project Title: Understanding Resilience and Long-Term Ecosystem Change in the High Arctic: Narrative-Based Analyses from Svalbard
Full Call Title: Arctic2019


Project Objective: SVALUR will: i) capture detailed understanding of environmental change experienced by people living, working and/or exploring different parts of Svalbard through in-depth interviews, document analysis and web-based story mapping; ii) compare such information with environmental monitoring data, in terms of overlap, mismatch and possible synergies; and iii) creatively aggregate and communicate shared understanding to inhabitants and visitors to Svalbard, an ideal site for learning what resilience may mean when short-term residency, compromising place-based knowledge generation, is the norm; and iv) help people mobilize their knowledge to become more active agents for change.
Call Objective: This joint Belmont Forum CRA calls for co-developed and co-implemented proposals from integrated teams of natural and social scientists, and stakeholders to address key areas of arctic resilience understanding and action. This collaboration of academic and non-academic knowledge systems constitutes a trans-disciplinary approach that will advance not only understanding of the fundamentals of arctic resilience but also spur action, inform decision-making, and translate into solutions for resilience.


Regions: Arctic, Europe, North America
Countries: Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United States of America (USA)


Duration: 42 Months
Call Date: 20 February 2019
Project Award Date: 5 February 2020