Project Profile: SeMPER-Arctic

Sense Making, Place attachment and Extended networks as sources of Resilience in the Arctic


Principal Investigators: Jeanne Gherardi, Université Versaille Saint Quentin - Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement, France
Partners: Anne Blanchard, University of Bergen, Norway
Jean-Michel Huctin, Université Versailles Saint Quentin, Observervatoire Versailles Saint Quentin, Cultures Environnement Arctique Representation Climat, France
Anna Karlsdottir, NORDREGIO, Sweden
Inga Nikulkina, North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk, Russia
Jeroen P. Van der Sluijs, Utrecht University Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development, Netherlands
Sponsors: National Research Agency, France
The Research Council of Norway, Norway
Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russia
Swedish Research Council for Env, Agric Sci & Spatial Planning, Sweden
Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, Netherlands


Full Project Title: Sense Making, Place attachment and Extended networks as sources of Resilience in the Arctic
Full Call Title: Arctic2019


Project Objective: Rooting its work in the Arctic, with and for Arctic communities, the "Sense Making, Place attachment, and Extended networks, as sources of Resilience in the Arctic" (SeMPER-Arctic) project consortium will be collecting local stories of changes, shocks, upheavals and their aftermaths. The SeMPER-Arctic team members will adopt these narratives as local, and localized, anchoring devices for resilience analysis.
Call Objective: This joint Belmont Forum CRA calls for co-developed and co-implemented proposals from integrated teams of natural and social scientists, and stakeholders to address key areas of arctic resilience understanding and action. This collaboration of academic and non-academic knowledge systems constitutes a trans-disciplinary approach that will advance not only understanding of the fundamentals of arctic resilience but also spur action, inform decision-making, and translate into solutions for resilience.


Regions: Arctic, Europe, North America
Countries: France, Netherlands, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden


Duration: 36
Call Date: 20 February 2019
Project Award Date: 5 February 2020