Project Profile: COPERA

C budget of Ecosystems, Cities and Villages on Permafrost in the Eastern Russian Arctic


Principal Investigators: Atsuko Sugimoto, Hokkaido University, Japan
Partners: Takeshi Ohta, Nagoya University, Japan
Mikhael Prisyazhny, North-Eastern Federal University, Russia
Rikie Suzuki, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Japan
Kenji Yoshikawa, University of Alaska-Fairbanks, United States
Sponsors: Japan Science and Technology Agency, Japan
National Science Foundation, United States
Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russia


Full Project Title: C budget of Ecosystems, Cities and Villages on Permafrost in the Eastern Russian Arctic
Full Call Title: Arctic2014


Project Objective: The environmental impacts of population and emissions growth in this environmentally vulnerable region and the need for viable low carbon energy solutions for Arctic residents drive the COPERA project. The research team will establish a permafrost, hydrological, and meteorological observing network in cooperation with local communities to estimate CO2 sequestration by the permafrost ecosystem (tundra and taiga) and CO2 emissions from cities and villages.
Call Objective: Through this Call for Proposals on Arctic Observing and Research for Sustainability, the Belmont Forum seeks to bring together integrated teams of natural scientists, social scientists, and stakeholders to develop projects that utilize existing Arctic observing systems, data sets and models to evaluate key sustainability challenges and opportunities in the Arctic region across one or more of four possible themes.


Regions: Asia


Duration: 57 months
Call Date: May 1, 2014
Project Award Date: 2014