Transdisciplinary Workshop: Maintaining Stakeholder Relationships- POSTPONED

Interested in taking your knowledge of undertaking co-design and integration in transdisciplinary research a step further? Would you like to learn how to better maintain the relationships you’ve worked hard to build?

This 1.5-hour online workshop for Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Actions (CRAs) will provide a framework, plus essential concepts and methods, for maintaining stakeholder relationships. Forming, strengthening and maintaining good relationships between researchers, the community and other relevant stakeholders is essential to ensuring genuine stakeholder participation and engagement. There are a number of creative approaches to maintaining stakeholder relationships and is a continuous learning process. This workshop will help to modify and add new strategies to your expanding engagement toolbox.

Registration is free and limited to the Belmont Forum CRAs. The 35 available slots for each workshop will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Please email with any questions you may have.