The Belmont Forum announces the Funding Decisions for the Recent Call on Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Pitcher Plants - Source: Ellison, Aaron M.. Pitcher plants as models for ecosystem change (Image 1). Digital Image. National Science Foundation, August 2003

Biodiversity scenarios, which are the outputs of the combination of socio-economic scenarios and models of impacts of global change on biodiversity, are essential tools for:

i) Better understanding and synthesizing a broad range of observations

ii) Providing information about future impacts of global changes such as land use change, invasive alien species, over-exploitation, climate change or pollution

iii) Providing decision support by developing adaptive management strategies

iv) Evaluating the implications of alternative social-economic development pathways and policy options


The grants in the scope of this call promote establishing new international and interdisciplinary networks. The objective is to stimulate networking and capacity building for innovative research across social and natural science disciplines and to enable the scientists to implement innovative research to underpin needed improvements in biodiversity scenario development.

Below please find links to the summaries of the successful networking projects involving Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Norway and South Africa.

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Scenarios Network

Impact of human drivers (fire, agriculture and grazing) on biodiversity in savannas

Scenario, fishEry, ecologicAl-economic modelling and VIability nEtWork

Trans-system, unified approach for global and regional integration of social-ecological study toward sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services