Partnering for a More Accessible Future: Belmont Forum and the Group on Earth Observations

Belmont Forum and Partnering Organizations - Source: [Author Unknown]. [Title Unknown]. Digital Image. Erica Key LinkedIn Page, 2016

The members of the Belmont Forum welcome a new partner in support of increased data access to inform human action and adaptation to global environmental change. The Group on Earth Observations joins our partners ICSU, IIASA, ISSC, and USGCRP in advancing interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science through inter-institutional cooperation.

Key objectives of GEO, as outlined in its new strategic plan (2016-2025), are to advocate, engage, and deliver information for improved understanding and decision making in areas of societal benefit.  GEO and the Belmont Forum share interest in several societal benefit areas such as Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Food Security, and Freshwater Security.  GEO’s approaches to information sharing also align well with the actions of the Forum’s e-Infrastructures Secretariat, which is tasked with implementing the open data policy and principles adopted by the members at the 2015 Forum Plenary.

Together the Belmont Forum and Group on Earth Observations can foster a culture of data sharing within and among funding and governance bodies, academics, and stakeholders and address information needs at the science-policy-community interface.  We look forward to working with GEO and its constellation of partners, members, and communities to realize these shared goals.

Note: This post originally appeared on appeared on Belmont Forum Secretariat Executive Director Erica Key’s Linkedin blog.