Global Environmental and Social Change Funders join forces to meet Grand Scientific Challenges

Next week in Oslo, Norway, the members and partners of the Belmont Forum will meet to discuss the adaptation and resilience needs of vulnerable communities.  These scientific grand challenges benefit not only from the shared expertise of natural scientists, social scientists, and engaged stakeholders but also the collaborative support of multiple funding agencies and organizations.

The Forum meets annually to review progress from currently funded research in areas of Food Security, Coastal Vulnerability, Biodiversity, Freshwater Security, and Arctic Sustainability as well as discuss emerging science needs for decision-making and action.  Current collaborative research actions — the Belmont term for research funding opportunities — focus on key concerns facing mountainous regions and climate predictability.  Ongoing efforts also support the development of accessible, interoperable data (e-Infrastructure).
The Forum continues to build partnerships with an ever-diverse group of funders and governance bodies from all sectors to support multi-national science teams working worldwide.  Awards increase capacity in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science that inform human action for a more resilient future.
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Note: This post originally appeared on appeared on Belmont Forum Secretariat Executive Director Erica Key’s Linkedin blog.