Biodiversity Futures: Projecting Changes in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Decision-Making

Person in Tree in Thai Rain Forest - Source: Hughes, David. Parasite Manipulation of Host Behavior (Image 5). Digital Image. National Science Foundation, [Date Published Unknown]

The Belmont Forum call for proposals on biodiversity scenarios is now open. The objective is to stimulate the formation of International networks of scientists and the advancement of the inter- and trans-disciplinary methodologies of scenario-building needed to enhance usefulness of biodiversity scenarios in decision-making.

Proposals for one to two-year networking projects can be submitted on the Belmont Forum’s submission portal between May 2, 2014 and July 2, 2014.

The Belmont Forum plans opening a second call in 2017, on the same topic, for International collaborative research projects, possibly in partnership with other funding bodies such as the European network BiodivERsA.