Belmont Forum announces Collaborative Research Awards for the Recent Call on Mountains as Sentinels of Change

Mountains on the Antarctic Peninsula - Source: Jacques, Kelly. Mountains on the Antarctic Peninsula. Digital Image. National Science Foundation, April 7, 2010

Mountains provide essential ecosystems services to billions of people and are home to half of global biodiversity hotspots, but they are particularly sensitive to climate and environmental change. The Belmont Forum’s Collaborative Research Action on “Mountains as Sentinels of Change” addresses hydro-logical, ecological, societal and economic implications of ongoing and expected environmental changes in mountain regions, as well as the design of adaptation measures and sustainable development strategies for mountain communities. Six multi-national projects have been selected for funding through this call.

The grants will support inter- and trans-disciplinary research related to five themes:

i) Drivers of change

ii) Ecosystems and biodiversity

iii) Water

iv) Hazards, vulnerability and risks

v) Adaptation and resilience.


The successful projects involve researchers from Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, and the USA, with additional collaborators from Belgium, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, and Sweden.


The Call Program Office is pleased to announce awards to the following projects:

ClimateWIse: Climate-Smart Watershed Investments in the Montane Tropics of South America

CLIMTREE: Ecological and socioeconomic impacts of climate-induced tree diebacks in highland forests

ECCAP: Ecological Calendars and Climate Adaptation in the Pamirs

NILE-NEXUS: Opportunities for a sustainable food-energy-water future in the Blue Nile Mountains of Ethiopia

P3: People, pollution and pathogens—mountain ecosystems in a human-altered world

VULPES: VULnerability of Populations under Extreme Scenarios