Belmont Forum 2023 CRAs

Three NEW Collaborative Research Actions in 2023!

Details to come on our website and on social media. All CRAs are scheduled to launch in April.



Climate, Environment, & Health II


Focused on understanding the climate, environment, and health pathways to protect and promote ecological, planetary, and human health in the face of climate challenges. Multilateral, inter-, and transdisciplinary research projects will investigate issues that impede policy implementation; address complex climate, ecosystem, and health pathways to determine causal links; develop capacity and collaboration across relevant disciplines and institutions; and foster the use of international scientific databases with local knowledge to develop decision support tools.

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Urban Blue & Green


Focused on improving understanding of the multifunctional benefits of urban green and blue spaces, their resilience to global challenges such as climate change and how to sustainably manage them now and in the future to maximise their potential. Multi-lateral, inter and transdisciplinary research projects will investigate size, shape and structure of urban green and blue spaces, how they can provide multiple benefits to the environment, individuals, communities, and nations as well as investigating how to influence policy makers to consider and assess trade-offs within the planning and implementation of these spaces.



Climate & Cultural Heritage


Focused on the impact of climate change on cultural heritage and opportunities for climate mitigation and sustainable development. Using lessons from the past to speak directly to interdisciplinary challenges linked to the climate emergency, focusing on resilience and vulnerability to climate change to support food systems, biodiversity, human health, and social equality.

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