Announcement- Belmont Forum External Review

Belmont Forum Executive Summary

To mark its 10th anniversary, the Belmont Forum solicited an external review of its operations and the transdisciplinary, transnational projects it has supported.  The year-long process, conducted by Technopolis and Science-Metrix, culminated in an executive summary, review, and related appendices that were shared with members at the 2020 virtual plenary meeting in October.  As a first step in the membership response to the report, these documents are being made publicly available on the Belmont Forum website. An official response to this review will be posted within the coming weeks outlining our plans to address the six recommendations made by Technopolis and Science-Metrix.

The evaluation, as noted in the high-level summary, underscored the effectiveness, impact, efficiency, and added value of the Belmont Forum.  In particular, projects supported by the Forum have strongly contributed to informed decision making, global knowledge exchange, and progress towards the Belmont Forum Challenge: understanding, mitigating, and adapting to global environmental change.  Further recommendations suggest potential pathways for Belmont Forum operations to ensure the long-term sustainability of this global partnership platform.

The members wish to thank Technopolis and Science-Metrix for their thorough analysis and the Belmont Forum looks forward to a successful future. Please view the official evaluation report here.

Find the Belmont Forum response to the External Review here.