Project Profile: UComNetSus-Africa

Building Urban Community Networks for Sustainable Cities in Africa


Principal Investigators: Peter Waweru Wangai, Kenyatta University, Kenya
Partners: Olusola Matthew Adeoye, Nature Cares Resource Centre, Nigeria
Benjamin Betey Campion, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana
Josephine Malonza, University of Rwanda, Rwanda
David Muchan Mugo, University of Embu, Kenya
Margaret Awuor Owuor, South Eastern Kenya University, Kenya
Shabani Mohamedi Soah, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Olúfemi O. Táíwò, Georgetown University, United States
Sponsors: Future Earth, International/Africa
National Science Foundation, United States


Full Project Title: Building Urban Community Networks for Sustainable Cities in Africa
Full Call Title: Pathways2020


Project Objective: The proposed project will address the following specific objectives:

i) To establish networks of stakeholders in six African cities for the cross-learning
purposes and adoption of best practices;
ii) To conduct a situational analysis of the social, economic and ecological challenges
and interdependencies for sustainable development in African cities;
iii) To build interdependencies and synergies among stakeholders’ networks for
sustainability of African cities;
iv) To generate spatial maps of social, economic and ecological assets in the participating
v) To formulate voluntary guidelines for sustainable African cities.
Call Objective: The goal of this CRA is to provide a science base for achieving sustainability goals. The CRA will support 1-2 years of collaborative research networking activities that focus on integrated qualitative and quantitative approaches to develop Earth-system-based transformation pathways for sustainable development.


Regions: Africa, North America
Countries: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, United States of America (USA)


Duration: 23 months
Call Date: 2020
Project Award Date: 13 July 2021